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I think we should probably start a forum to list judges that are lenient towards drunk and otherwise dangerous drivers.  We can review this list when it comes time to vote to retain the judge.  I searched the forum, but have not found a similar thread.

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Too bad Judge Hooks wasn't up for retention.  Maybe next time.

Amazingly, there was actually a judge who wasn't retained this election.  First time in 28 years.

I was so glad to see that. After years of going to the polls with my bad judge list to no avail, this makes me hopeful more bad judges don't get retained when there's a history of bad behavior. 

Chicago mentioned.  Straight Party voting got the 59 Houston, Harris County, Texas judges removed.  In Illinois, aren't current judges seeking retention not designated by party?

Judges in Chicago ARE designated by party, whether new or retention candidates, but almost all are Dem candidates.

I believe Chicago's 3-20-18 primary election had slated candidates for all offices (judges), for voters to approve. The Democratic party in Chicago had their encumbents to be approved by the electorate. Many judicial offices were not even challenged because the Republican party and Independents had no candidates running. Thus running unopposed. 

In the general election on 11-6-18 voters in Illinois did not have the option to vote a straight party ticket. A voter must individually choose the candidates running in each office, hopefully based on merit.

Yes, our electoral process is skewed strangely in this state also.



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