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Anyone ride the trail? Is the snow off and is it generally passable? 

Thanks in advance.

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Doubt it.  Dirt and gravel on the Chitown north side aren’t even ready.  Give it a week,  I think ... this is a significant but highly plausible guess about trail conditions near the Wisconsin border .  If you like mud and unmelted snow go for it.

Okay, so we rode the trail today - from Wes Block to the Wisconsin State Line (State Line road/Badger Trail.)

Wasn't horrible but certainly wasn't ready for prime time. Stayed toward the sides so as not to create ruts. Generally pretty wet and soft. 

All-in, was a great ride. Next time, we ride all the way to Madison, spend the night and ride back. But, we can wait for a few months (and a vaccine) for that.


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