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it really is a fun ride! ,,,,,all for the children! except for the mini bar crawl afterward,,,not so much for the children!

Hey Bob, I have already registered and agree it is a great ride.  Where else can you ride 12 miles in the cold or snow, be escorted by Niles police and then Chicago police including down Irving Park Road, and finish with a great breakfast?  Seeing all of those toys piled into trucks manned by the Marine Corps is just another little perk.

all signed up myself!!

I'm in. First time for me. Looks fun.

For those of you who will want something stronger than coffee when we get to Mystic Celt, the bar will be open!  Just remember to bring some cash to tip the awesome wait staff!

Maybe we can wear our Chainlink jerseys along with the reindeer antlers and red bows?

I plan to ride also. Last year was my first time. Great ride, even better cause.

i do have a wool chainlink jersey,,,but it will probably have to be underneath my jacket seeing that it will be December!

I'll be on my bike. I hope we have the police escort again this year.


If there is a chance we won't have the police escort, maybe we should all dress as Santa, elves, or reindeer in the hope that the rush hour crazies on Irving Park Road will not run us down! :-)

I'm thinking about getting up early so I can ride up from Logan Square. Does anyone else do that and want to meet to ride up? 

It is one week from today.  Have you registered for the Amlings Cycle Center Holiday Toy Ride? Many cool Chainlinkers will be there.

This is my 3rd or 4th time doing this ride. It is a lot of fun for a great cause.

Thanks for the reminder to register


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