It's Cold, Dark, and Wet... How Do You Stay Motivated to Keep Riding?

The dark side of Autumn has fallen and it's much harder to motivate. Yesterday it rained for most of the day and I motivated myself right into a self-imposed rest day. Knowing I have a lot of cold, wet days ahead, I am hoping for some Chainlinker advice...

How do you get out there on your bike when it's cold and crappy out?

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I look out my window and see the bikers who commute every day, no matter the weather, and I am pretty motivated.  If they can do it, I can.

It just occurred to me (from replying to this thread) that one effective way I motivate myself is to route a trip using something like It's a ton of fun to drag the markers around, and switch between map, street and satellite views while doing it- and while I'm at it I get my mojo going to ride, even on rainy days like today. 

If I can include an errand along the way even better. 

Ride hard, endorphin's kick in! Get home enjoy a tasty adult beverage. Life is good.

What made me lose my marbles about biking, it was about twelve years ago in the dead of winter and i was working in the south loop second shift, and living in Forest Park, and my dad and my brother both got the diabetes in pretty quick succession so basically i stopped taking the train home and did my daily 25 miles huffing n puffing "you can't catch up to me, diabetes" 

Over time it's just turned into "here's to feeling good all the time." 

Yeah! I lowered my cholesterol from right at medicatable level to normal, and lowered my resting heart rate significantly. Thanks for the reminder about how good it is for fitness. Funny how I can lose track of it right about this time of year...

Good rain gear, coffee, 'energy' drinks, french fries & pizza.

about a month into my recent phase of regular cycling to work, i told myself "a bad day on the bike is better than a good day on the el" and its pretty much remained true.

also i try not to put too much pressure on myself and say i can stop cycling if i want to, or if its just not gonna happen that day. sometimes i take the day and drive or take the bus, sometimes i change my mind while waiting for the bus and run back up to the house and get my bike.

Consider riding a velomobile, it's what I do. Looks exotic but all it is is a covered trike. And the ride is awesome.

I would love to! Can I try yours sometime!? :D 

I've really enjoyed my rides home in the dark lately. I focus on the calm quiet of the suburbs and the very pretty holiday light displays.


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