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So yeah, last night I rode out to meet a buddy for a beer, and a fellow in the bar commented to me how the lack of clipless pedals and the "loud" lighting on my road bike precludes me from being a true cyclist. Also, he mentioned that I ordered a Newcastle instead of PBR, so I wasn't "keeping it real".

I didn't want to get into a whole debate with the guy because since he had obviously had a few too many PBRs, the discussion would go nowhere. I did ascribe the pedals and the lights to the same factor, my almost getting hit by cars in the past. My bike does have SPDs, but I choose to ride with the adapters on them so I don't have to lock my feet to the pedals as doing that makes me nervous about close calls with cars. The lights are somewhat obnoxious I guess, but they have the same effect as that laser bike lane thing, so for me, the tradeoff is a good one.

The one thing I couldn't even counter on, was that not drinking PBR makes me a fraud as a cyclist. Most of my bike-related choices are very pragmatic, I don't drink PBR not to make a political or social statement, I just happen to prefer various other beers. Not to knock anyone who enjoys that beer of course, I just didn't realize it was such a hot button for some people.

So then, should one compromise a bit to be official in the cycling community, or was my next-stool neighbor last night just a blue ribbon snob?

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Back in my military days we use to pawn our TA-50 gear so we could buy 3 dollar cases of Blatz.
You know why they call it Blatz, right?
Thats the sound it makes the next day when it comes out of ya!!!

Don't know how hip it is to consume the shit. But recycling is really fuckin cool!

Bean said:

You drink what you like Vando and what you can afford to. I like Heinken along with Corrona followed by a shot of Crown or Yukon Jack. Going to bars on the bike is a good idea as it saves you money not having to park, this gets you more drinking time. How much do you burn up in a night? $20-40 or $40-80. Hell last time out I burned almost $130. Buying drinks for your friends gets expensive quick. If I am going to get fubar than I will drink the good stuff until I am buzzed. Switch over to the cheap sh*t if I have to close down the place. As for the other comments, who the hell rides in Chicago or anywhere else at night with out lights? Did this meatwad ever try this? You would get killed real quick by not having working lights. Like BK stated more is better when it comes to riding at night. You should look like a Christmas tree. And who the hell is he to judge you as an "urban cyclist"? He needs to mind his own business and start drinking with the men instead of talking trash like a playground kid. He should have been drinking some Guiness, Becks, or Miller. Next time if you see him ask him how many times he rides a week vs. taking a car. If that does not shut him up, get the guy so drunk he passes out. That way you do not have to hear him:-) You are all good in my book Vando. Keep on riding and being yourself; only you can best judge yourself as to what makes you an urban cyclist. Drinking PBR is not required either. Jim
He was some hipster douchebag. Besides riding his "whip", and consuming pbr, he also listens to bands that don't exist yet, and spray paints on his pants. Wait 5 years until the next big trend comes along and then he'll claim to be a true "new trend here".
lauren sailor said:
that watered-down brew, however, can be damn near perfect after a ride when you need to rehydrate and have some carbs join the party, too


I like PBR, Old Style, etc. for that reason... and they are probably the tastier of the scumbag beers, imo. OH! and they go really well with bourbon!
Fat Tire, anyone?
Anne Alt said:
Fat Tire, anyone?

Uh-huh. I guess I've kinda blown my urban cyclist street cred with my New Belgium jersey.

That, along with the fenders, rack, and dork vest.
Hey if they're supplying the La Folie I'd blow my cred and wear the gear. Of course, I don't really have any cred to blow being a hybrid rider, right? Or so I've read right here on this forum. Sadly the "you aren't a real x unless you y" mentality is everywhere.

koala said:
Anne Alt said:
Fat Tire, anyone?

Uh-huh. I guess I've kinda blown my urban cyclist street cred with my New Belgium jersey.

That, along with the fenders, rack, and dork vest.

Nope, not required - I don't drink!
if you drink PBR you lose brew cred. there is a reason that shit is $2



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