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Today as I nearly got clipped trying to cross the street at a clearly marked intersection I wondered if the IL crosswalk law was included in drivers ed. I grew up in CT and remember learning that law but perhaps IL drivers are simply unaware they are supposed to yield? That may indeed be the case as was explored by this NBC video.

So I made an infographic to help with this and other simple things drivers can do to keep vulnerable road users safe.  Please feel free to spread this around far and wide! 

(Special thanks to Keating Law Offices, I borrowed a few of your graphics, you are linked and cited in the Learn More section, I hope you don't mind!)

Tips for Drivers to Save Lives

From Visually.

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I posted an open letter to drivers and the links to all of the sources cited in the infographic on my blog. Feel free to share:

That's great, April. Wonderful to see our Infographics being used to educate on bike safety. That was the whole goal of them. Here is a link to all of our Infographics on Thanks again. Happy Friday. 



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