Since my recent crash, referred to in another post, did a number on my helmet, I'm in search of a new one. My cracked one is a Catlike Whisper Plus, the best ventilated helmet ever. They are no longer available, at least not in a size medium. Has anybody got recommendations on HOT WEATHER helmets, where the sweat isn't constantly dripping in your eyes ? Thank you, Greg

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I like my POC Octal.

Lots of vents in the photos ! I'll have a looksee, Thank you. Greg


 Did you ever decide amongst the plethora of bike helmets which one?  I am in the market for a new helmet.  Lots of cooling would be nice.  My main criteria is a FIVE rating on the Virginia Tech Rating system.  I have been looking at the Bontrager Starvos, at $100.  Another feature it comes in XL size.  I have a 63cm head and many M/L helmets are too small.  Another feature I like is a bill/visor, which is missing on the Starvos.  I know that a helmet with a visor is dork alert for many.  I like a visor in the rain,  in the winter cold headwinds and my vitreoretinal surgeon recommends it.  Maybe I can tape one on. 

Link to Bontrager Wavecel Helmets      Link to Virginia Tech Bike Helmet Ratings

See you on the road,


I know this might sound dorky too, but I've worn a golf visor with a helmet and it worked pretty well. 

Hmmm, a visor, thank you. My cousin wears a standard cycling cap under his helmet, but, I've found that, for me, it just holds too much heat in. Keep on Pedalin', and, stay safe.

Elwood, thank you. I've been looking, online, at the POC helmets that Tony mentioned. They look extremely well vented, which for Summer use rates high for me. REI carries them, but, I don't know if they carry them in the store or only online. They come in the same size range as my old Catlike. That was a Spanish company, POC is Swedish. I'm going to DEFINITELY check the Virginia Tech ratings. Keep on Pedalin', and, stay safe. (I'm still on the mend so I'm taking my time.)

Elwood, I see that the Virginia Tech list rates the POC Octal. That's one that was suggested. Thank you for the link. Greg

 For myself, the odds that I will purchase another bike helmet that doesn't have a chin guard even for daily riding are roughly zero.  And yes, I'm ok (thanks for asking) but not just to protect the years of wearing braces earlier for my winning smile, it's not a random thing that folks like football players and skiers who land on things softer than pavement wear them.

The Met Parachute was a decent brain bucket, but, (and this has a longer list of reason, but the chin guard didn't really pass muster for the down-hill crowd per the consumer products safety commission, and so it got rolled back for a re-design because of all sorts of rules and performance issues when used as other than intended.)  But for the every day flat rider, it was fantastic imho if you can find an old one.  There's a new version back on the market that the enduro/downhill folks seem to like.   

Visor is a great idea, and there's nothing wrong with how Jim R rolls as long is it al fits and you wear it.   For consideration if you can handle a visor and chin guard is the Bell super 2 wrap around chin bar if you can find one.  The Troy Lee is ok in my opinion, the Smith is too expensive.  This isn't my kind of racing either, but, try one on if you have the opportunity.  

Here's the replacement for the Bell 2 but it's heavy.  It's the Bell 3:

The black is too hot.  Get the yellow if you go this route.  Bear in mind, this model is 3x the weight of the other more traditional helmets out there but if you're not riding head down over the aerobars, that weight on your neck matters a lot less.  Buy one that you will wear every single time, and the lighter the color, the cooler it is in sun for sure.   

Thank you for the extensive reply. I've had helmets with visors, but always ended up removing them. For road riding my head is usually angled down with my eyes looking up/ahead. The chin guard I've seen in BMX and extreme downhill, Red Bull type stuff, but, worth investigating. Take care, keep on pedalin', and, stay safe.

Thank you everyone who chimed in. Tony and Elwood, I looked at your recommendations and Virginia Tech ratings. This one is on the way ! It's the POC Octal X Spin, the specs say that the microshell extends further down than on the standard Octal. Product image for Hydrogen White


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