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They are building concrete protected bike lanes which are "supposed" to be open by the end of you think this is an improvement or no?

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"There is a lot of broken glass."

Beer bottles are always smashed down in the bike lanes by those who 'love' us.

I've had the same thoughts/ observations. I, too, am not feeling good about this right now. There's been a whole bunch of glass (from a broken car window...?) right near the Bobby Cann memorial site. The first day I rode the bike lane, I saw it too late and since it is a cement barrier, I couldn't swerve around it and had to barrel through. Luckily, no flat. Since then, I've been riding slowly through that section, or...just riding in the street.

I've also notice the construction crews sometimes like to park right at the north end of the northbound lane and happen to block the exit. I am hoping my mind will change when all construction is complete. 

I have my concerns for winter riding but I'll try to be optimistic and tell myself: they'll have it figured out by then and will definitely plow in a timely manner.  o.O Hmm..

Will they have any plans to maintain it in winter or will it become treated like a seasonal bike lane like so many other snowed/iced over protected bike lanes in winter?
COOL, Marcus ! Now that's what I'm talkin' bout !

You forgot to mention the part about "mama" up the road... :)

Im starting to wonder if this is why they made the bike lane as wide as it is, so this lil plow guy could fit in it.  Unfortunately, other small cars also try to drive in it at times...

Why is it North bound on one side and East bound on the South side of Division? Are they building 2 lanes on each side? The intersection cross over makes no sense much like the Dearborn lane...turning left from Dearborn to Kinzie, use the bike signal or the left turn signal?
Not too mention the Winter it will be unrideable.
I agree completely. I take that turn every day and I'm never certain I'm doing it correctly. The bike lane should have been between the northbound lane and the right turn lane in my opinion.
And they built the giant curbs like an extended sidewalk, there are crossings but if they had put in low growing plants it would look more separate. Once the whole Cabrini green area is re built it'll be worse than the Dearborn.
I see the South and Westbound lanes going in, unfortunately a cab was parked in the Northbound lane,a delivery cart and already broken glass.


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