They are building concrete protected bike lanes which are "supposed" to be open by the end of you think this is an improvement or no?

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I re-started physical therapy yesterday for my "protected" bike land ice wipeout last winter. Now starting to lose feeling in my left foot, due to the slipped disc in my back from my wipeout. While I love the concept of the protected lanes, you're never going to get the regular snow and ice removal and salt that the car lanes get. After much winter biking, I think I'm out... till the weather breaks in spring. 

My route down Milwaukee to work used to be great in the winter, mainly just wet from all the salt and car traffic. It was great. But you get ice in those new partitioned off lanes and you've got to avoid them altogether or be incredibly careful. I'd hate for anyone else to get the back pain and nerve trouble I'm having. 

So ... more than 72 hours after the recent snowfall and there is still enough snow and ice in the southbound lane between Halsted and Ogden to make the bike lane un-rideable. Seriously!!!??? Well the trucks blocking the bike lane that were reported by DNAinfo are now a moot point. 

I posted this to Burnett's facebook page in the hope that they clear the lane. The rest of the lane is fine beyond that. 


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