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Michigan State...still pumping out douchebags. Anti-bike editorial in the college paper. So sad. My college years really formed my transportation preferences.

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haha wtf....that dude is a fucking idiot. jesus. haha.
the guy is an a true asshole ok, but he is not an idiot because he does have a valid point. Problem is many times people in a car cannot even see you, thump........ I have to pay extra attention here in the suburbs now. Free Speech has not been taken away just yet.
yeah some ppl are bikes can be jerks just for the sake of being a jerk and i always encourage ppl to say what they want...makes it a bit easier to weed out the douche bags.
Cheer up Charles, for every one of those, there's one of these guys
True enough. There are a lot of idiots are there, but this dude has the drive of 10 people! And, I'm so glad I got out of Michigan. Stupid people are everywhere but biking has just not caught on quite yet there. And, it's awful trying to get some kind of cyclist respect there. Although, it is getting better.

Vando said:
Cheer up Charles, for every one of those, there's one of these guys
Good response article in the State News a few days later...
Despite this article, I would still prefer to ride the roads of Michigan State over the roads of the NW burbs any day. There were many more slow-speed connecting streets and neighborhoods, and I could actually get from East Lansing to Lansing strictly on side roads, and I might not see a moving car the whole 6 miles! Yes, there were douchebags, but I never feared for my life on the streets of EL.
Makes me glad I don't live in Michigan. I've encountered more than enough bad drivers when I've visited there.
You know, the coolest people I have met are from Michigan. Peacefest in July, Michigan. What's up, Homie!


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