Hey kids, I just moved out here. I like beer, I like bikes, and I generally don't know my way around Chicago. Anyone feel like riding bikes and going to a few bars? Let me know what Chicago has to offer! I live on North and Western. I think that's wicker park? Anyway. Let's ride bikes!

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Start off with Mass Downtown on Friday !!!
And check the calendar for fun rides! Welcome!
I don't know... you could be in Humboldt Park depending on which side of Western you live on.

Critical Mass is about the best Chicago has to offer for a first ride around the city. Just don't get arrested for public drinking.
Wear a costume even!

cutifly said:
Start off with Mass Downtown on Friday !!!
By don't get arrested we mean don't get caught.
And if you get caught, don't be an a$$hole to the officer.
Check out The Handlebar bar & grill it's right down the street from you. 2311 W. North ave.


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