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Illinois Prairie Path condition in this monsoon season

Has anyone taken a ride on the Illinois Prairie Path (main stem west to Wheaton, and Aurora stem south from Wheaton to Warrenville) lately? Is it super muddy and/or flooded in parts? I'm planning a ride with some friends to Two Brothers tomorrow. Thanks!

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Ha, thanks for the info!
This morning, the Wheaton tunnel under butterfield road on Aurora stem was flooded but you could pedal through. Could dry up by tomorrow. Some muddy spot, some fallen branches, no cause for alarm.
So, getting to the Illinois Prairie Path from the city, I've done it a few times and always taken Madison, which can get a little sketchy as far as traffic and pavement go. I'm wondering if Lake would be a better option. Anyone have a better idea?
How about Washington? Not too busy like Madison
Yeah, guess I'll try that. I always took Madison before because it's a straight shot to 1st Ave, but Washington does look quieter.
If I were going that way, I'd take Washington instead of Madison.
Took Washington, vast improvement over Madison. Go Washington to Forest Ave south through Concordia cemetery, and pick up Maybrook Dr. The IPP will be slightly left after the light at Maybrook and 1st Ave. Easy.
Washington < South on Austin < West on Jackson < South on Des Plaines Ave < West into Forest Park Metra lot < through Concordia Cemetery < Cross 1st Ave into IPP is my route.
Why not just take Augusta. After all, 8 miles of the 13 have a bike lane.
Seems like it would be a 2 mile detour for somebody coming from 0N/0S.

Tim Ailes said:
Why not just take Augusta. After all, 8 miles of the 13 have a bike lane.

Thanks for the heads-up - was planning to hit the limestone this weekend. 

I saw these in other spots along the IPP this weekend as well. Conditions seemed hairy between mile 2 just south of Wheaton and 59 in Warrenville. The Batavia spur also had problems in the stretches with more tightly packed limestone. 



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