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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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Thanks, Yasmeen. After a few days traveling it was nice climbing on the trike and getting some photography time in again.

Is that seaweed washed up in February?  Wild year.

Yup, that is VERY green seaweed.

Not too many people are out biking the early mornings of February, but I must say today was one of the most magical mornings of biking astronomy that I can remember...

In case you missed the news, the planets are putting on quite a show right now with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn all visible in the morning sky (first time they've all been visible at once since 2005).   Of course, this assumes that you can actually see anything through all of the clouds, fog, mist, haze, and other conditions we get around here.  Actually, the visibility has been pretty horrid for this viewing which only lasts from late January to early February.

Anyways, went out riding early this morning in a dense fog bank.  However, on my way back, the wind picked up and it blew all of the fog and clouds away, revealing all 5 planets and the crescent moon in crystal clarity about an hour before sunrise.  If you were there, you could see everything for about 15 minutes.  Then the planets faded and the clouds came back to give us our overcast day.

Needless to say, I thought it was a pretty awesome coincidence of timing and weather conditions ;-). 

David, just reading your post and I'm envious of your magical morning of biking astronomy and your getting a good glimpse of the show the planets are now putting on. I've been trying to get a good viewing in also. I'm a member of the CL group Bicycle Astronomy and would like to invite you, if you are interested, to join our group and join in our astronomy discussions, observations and events.
This was actually yesterday. This pic was taken on my ride from Tepic to Las Varas, Nayarit, Mexico. Unfortunately, The Blessed Virgin didn't seem to provide a lot of help. Shortly thereafter, I got a flat. :-(


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