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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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Must admit I was a bit taken back by the beaver sighting.  That overlook is a frequent stop off point to view the sunrise.  I was there with another random cyclist and we both watched the beaver saunter in there from the sidewalk/road and wander around.   There's nothing around that location that makes me think it would be an ideal beaver habitat to be sure.  A bit of Google searching indicates that beavers have previously been spotted in Chicago including Montrose Harbor and North Pond in Lincoln Park.   So, who knows?

In any event, spotting a beaver while biking the north shore is definitely a first for me. 

That glow. Makes my heart feel good. Thanks for sharing. I hope it was a good ride.


A good rule of thumb when preparing for a cold weather ride is to start off just a little cold, because after about 10 minutes of pedaling, you'll warm up quite nicely. If you overdress, overheating can be uncomfortable, so you may have to experiment a little before you get it right.

First round trip commute in 1.5 years! Feels good to be back on the bike finally! 


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