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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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Nice ride in today. A bit nippy.

I'm really amazed at how well the Park District maintains LFT and the streets within the park. To add a little extra mileage (just over a mile round-trip) I've started to detour off LFT at Foster, then it's Foster->Simonds->Lawrence->Wilson->Simonds->Montrose, then back to LFT. That little stretch was plowed curb-to-curb. You would think they were expecting a presidential motorcade, but other than a CTA bus making a turnaround, there wasn't a soul in sight.

The combination of the strong headwind and snow compacting in my fenders made the ride in today one of the most difficult rides I've experienced in Chicago. Hoping for a tailwind and clear paths on the way home tonight. 

I made the mistake of leaving my bike out for 15 min before my commute, and the Brooks saddle froze! Took a few miles for it to warm up.  I'm not making that mistake again!

Frigid is so beautiful!

.... until your eyelids freeze shut. Thanks, Lisa.

You don't see me out there taking those pictures, do you?  The fact that I am a lousy photographer has nothing to do with it. :-)

Stunning. I've been featuring a few of them on Instagram recently. They are very well received (with full credit to you, of course). Thanks for sharing these with us. 

Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

Monday's commute: Fine but a little cold.

Tuesday's commute: Warmer setup, nice ride.... then frozen hub pawls in the AM. Locked up and took the CTA. Retrieved after work and replaced with another wheel.

Today's commute. Working wheel + warmer setup = nicest of the week.

Ouch! (re the pawls). One of things I'm often yammering about when I'm evangelizing internal hubs is that Chicago winters don't wreck them the way they do deraillers. Then _this_ happens. 

I've had pretty good rides all week - the snow on Monday was one pretty fun to ride through and it looks like we got lucky in that most of it got cleared well enough to render my rides today and yesterday to be pretty painless. 

This morning someone said "nice piece" to me as I was unlocking my bike in the Loop. Is that a term  people are using to refer to bikes now? piece? Or was he talking about my butt?



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