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Nice first ride in the COLD.


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How so?


Were you commuting through high crime areas?

To whomever I passed going north while I was heading south on the LFT at 31st Street Beach last night at whatever o'clock in the midst of that downpour coupled with what I swear had to have been a gale, thank you. If you saw elated smile I think must have given and wondered what that was all about, it's because I was just so relieved not to be alone out there after all. You and that jogger on the Museum Campus were literally the only people I encountered in all of both Grant Park and Burnham Park, which is unusual for the not-too-late time it was.

When I woke up to Lisa Labuz on WBEZ this morning, she was incredulously commenting to the traffic reporter that one of her colleagues had ridden his bike to work despite the terrible wind.  Uh oh, I thought. Maybe I should take the subway.  

So, I took the dogs for a walk, and found that it was windy, but we have all ridden in way worse.  Yes, I rode my bike to work today, and I did not blow away.  In fact, I did not even have one of those "gust stopped me in my tracks" moments. 

Way to make it happen! I know exactly what you mean by those gusts!

Yesterday I went on a ride after work and while I didn't get blown off my bike, the windy rain did a good job of convincing me to shorten my ride. 

I had a different experience this morning.

Three times I had to counter steer the wind from pushing me sideways onto traffic or parked cars.

Too many pictures of plants and stuff.  Boring.  Needs more street grates, traffic bollards and homeless.

Get a camera, give the 'art' of photography a try. Become a 'Photographer' ! Good luck !

I rode today (and yesterday). And blogged about it:


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