Nice first ride in the COLD.


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I did. Nice ride in.  Oak Street curve still clear.  

Forecast this week has me optimistic!

Yes. Gorgeous sunrise!

I did ride in.  Colder and water was washing up on Oak Street curve, so I turned off bike path at Oak Street to continue South to Jackson.

Nice ride! Beautiful sunrise!

you started this thread.  Famous!

Yep. Some ups and downs over the past decade.  I like having the CTA as brutal weather back-up, but nothing beats starting the day with a bike ride into work!

WOW! This thread is only 10 years old! Or 11 months and 9 years old if I'm doing my math right.  LOVE IT!  Ride on everyone. 

Took City streets this morning.  Didn't have enough time to chance reroutes due to Saturdays waves/etc.  Hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow AM to check out the damage from Sat.

I did ride this morning.  Was able to take LFP from Montrose to Jackson.  Most was fine; there is some asphalt repair occurring between Oak & Olive Parks.  This morning was able to get around it.  I'll see about the return trip soon.  If there's heavy equipment doing the work, they may reroute bikes/runners.

I just wish I wasn't still at work at ten to six and having to go up the wrecked part whenever I'm done here.

Agree, there's one section toward Olive Beach that will be treacherous with a little ice...

Another post has an article that suggests will be Spring before repairs commence.

I did ride this AM.  So far weather looks agreeable for the rest of the week.

Yep, all week.  Serious headwind heading South on LFP from Montrose so I ducked into the city at North.  Much better with buildings blocking some of that wind.


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