Nice first ride in the COLD.


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I rode today.  Little headwind, but nice temps.

Oak Street curve was open so I was able to take LFP all the way to from Montrose to Jackson.

Salt on path wasn't too excessive.

How about ice?

May have been a small patch here or there, but totally avoidable.

Looking at the weather forecast, I expect the same for tomorrow.

Yes. Great ride in.  Almost no wind. LFP clear Montrose to Jackson.

I did. Nice ride in.  Oak Street curve still clear.  

Forecast this week has me optimistic!

Yes. Gorgeous sunrise!

I did ride in.  Colder and water was washing up on Oak Street curve, so I turned off bike path at Oak Street to continue South to Jackson.

Nice ride! Beautiful sunrise!

you started this thread.  Famous!

Yep. Some ups and downs over the past decade.  I like having the CTA as brutal weather back-up, but nothing beats starting the day with a bike ride into work!

WOW! This thread is only 10 years old! Or 11 months and 9 years old if I'm doing my math right.  LOVE IT!  Ride on everyone. 

Took City streets this morning.  Didn't have enough time to chance reroutes due to Saturdays waves/etc.  Hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow AM to check out the damage from Sat.

I did ride this morning.  Was able to take LFP from Montrose to Jackson.  Most was fine; there is some asphalt repair occurring between Oak & Olive Parks.  This morning was able to get around it.  I'll see about the return trip soon.  If there's heavy equipment doing the work, they may reroute bikes/runners.


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