Nice first ride in the COLD.


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You call this cold.
Actually, yes.
However, 3.8 was my cold day last year. I'm not sure what my cut-off temp would be.

Ace Mann said:
You call this cold.
Of course, the cold doesn't bother me at all for the distance of my commute.
really new to this as the coldest it got in my entire life in austin was surpassed about 2-3 weeks ago here but today the whiskers in my beard and mustache froze sticking straight is an interesting feeling haha
Icebeard is my favourite part of winter riding.
I temperature cut off for me...
My first bike winter. My new Seirus Balaclava is my friend.
I agree that this would be considered the first cold day and it is not comforting that it technically is still fall! Thankfully I unearthed all my cold weather gear a couple of weeks ago and have my setup all dialed in for the next couple months. If you have the right gear it is a nice, refreshing, way to spend your morning commute and reward yourself with a hot beverage at your destination. On the flip side, if you are not prepared with a helmet that can comfortably accommodate a hat, scarf or neck protection and warm gloves it can be the worst decision of your day hop on the bike in the morning. The final piece, which doesn't make it any warmer, just more comfortable is a pair of clear lensed glasses which keep my eyes from watering, and tears from freezing on the super cold days.

Be careful of the ice tonight and for the next couple days as the snow melts and freezes along the sides of the streets!

Evan from Climate Cycle
Yup. Done and done. How was your commute? Mine was fine--short though, so I was wearing my new super warm/works off the bike too, 3/4 length coat. (I save the shell w/ pit zips for longer/faster rides when I actually have time to generate more heat.)
I did and I overdressed.....again. Someday I will get this layering thing down.
If you're warm before you step outside your door, chances are you overdressed.

Pablo said:
I did and I overdressed.....again. Someday I will get this layering thing down.
I rode today. No real problems.


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