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I ride Halsted for roughly 5 miles every day. I smell the reefer from cars or pedestrians one or two times each commute.

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More often than I'd expect. People seem to smoke it on the street/sidewalk pretty often in DC.

Almost every day. Smelled it this morning - a man walking across Dearborn and Congress, with joint fully lit. He was lit also. 

This was the thing that stunned me more than anything when I started cycling in 2011: the frequency with which I would smell weed coming from cars.

I don't smell it much on my commute though.

A lot. Although I smelled it more from cars on Elston than I do on Milwaukee.

On Milwaukee Ave, a lot!  More often north of Fullerton.

Aha - perhaps the munchies helps explain the famous demand for avocado toast in these parts.

Daily.  Apparently commuting is very stressful.

Pretty regularly. When the weather is nice, usually around Oak Street on the LFT.

really common now.

In stores, on the street, etc...

btw...reefer?  lol

Yes the Summer I smell it more on the bigger beaches and the bird sanctuary (I know that's not really a commute but since I deliver on bike I'm alot of places),anyway I smell it in really high traffic areas like Wrigleyville the West side Humboldt park is also a busy place I delivered to a couple people a few years back and they opened the door and I got a contact LOL! They gave me $20 tip or maybe they forgot they already paid?

Every day, everywhere, several times a day from the LFP, streets, etc.... aren't people hip to dabbing/vaping yet??;)

At least once on every ride.


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