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there may be other threads on this so i appologize for a different thread. this was a nice surprise as i was trying to leave adams and wells last night. as of now im doing my best not to double lock this bike and head home. i left a note and am in the area. so hopefully the offender will call and text me when they get their bike.

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also dumbass could have just locked the wheel to the frame as there was another lock was on the rear wheel
24hrs then i cut spokes

You are the black bike?

im the green bike. black bike put lock through bottom of my pannier
Gotcha. If you can free yourself by cutting his spokes I might suggest unscrewing them with a spoke wrench so no permanent damage. You could even reinstall his spokes after your done, not that you owe them that.

If you're going to unscrew the spokes, it's better to just leave them out so that the owner doesn't try to ride on a wheel that's really out of tension and break a bunch of spokes or worse.

Ugh, that sucks.

the person texted me and appologized. i am glad that i waited before doing anything rash

Yeah, it's a crappy situation, but you were really a good guy to wait.

Yes! Also, that green is extra sweet! Can we see your whole bike? I'll try not to covet...

Ill try to get a pic up later today. Its kind of interesting how the sun has bleached some of the color

Just the other day I was talking with a coworker about how bicycle shops stay in business with the way people lock up their bikes and the evident single wheels locked up everywhere. Did you school that person on proper lock up methods?


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