How many bikes can you park a standard bike rack ? Do you lock parallel to the rack or perpendicular to the rack ? Or no "right or wrong way ".

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I lock in the way that blocks the least amount of sidewalk space so it depends on the particular rack's placement. If space is not an issue then I lock perpendicular so a 3rd bike can do the hipster hangover and also park. 

Some of the folks on this site can get persnickety about how you're supposed to lock.

What is a hipster hangover?

I'm assuming it's when 2 bikes are locked up parallel , a third bike is added perpendicular over the two bikes ... Again just a guess.

Hipster hangover is when you lock perpendicular over the center of the rack. It doesn't matter how the other two bikes are locked but would be difficult to do if two bikes were already locked parallel to the rack. 

true,, definitely an educated guess on my part.


This  is the ideal for protecting one's own  bike. When space is at a premium I may modify this to allow more bikes to park. Last week I parked as h' described and came to find somebody had literally draped their bike over the rack making it very difficult for the two bikes that were parallel to the rack to get out especially with the  fencing along Washington's BRT construction zone. A co worker had to hold the offending bike aloft still locked to the rack while I disengaged mine. There were plenty of other free racks in the vicinity. The guy came out as I was getting ready to leave and did not seem to get it when I asked why he had parked so rudely especially when "Dude, there were plenty of available racks and  you didn't need to do this...". It was a nice day. I rode home and didn't pursue it with him.

Lock up parallel to the rack off the ends so 4 bikes can be locked at the same time.  You can go through the head tube or rear wheel.  Covering the whole rack with your bike should only be done when you have to in situations where you would be blocking entrance to the sidewalk or it won't fit.  Get a locking skewer for your front wheel, or make one, so one lock is all you need to carry.

Are you asking how man you "can" or how many you "should? I've seen "U" type racks with several bikes locked up before. Google street view doesn't do it any justice, but check the racks outside the movie theater at  Logan and Western on a Saturday night. 2 bikes locker per vertical tube, 2 over the top, and other bikes locked to bikes locked to the rack....


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