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I saw 7 at the UK polling place. Great to see so many.

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There were three plus mine at the Goldblats extended early voting place yesterday where over 200 people waited in line. There is the 'normal' amount of cyclists coming in today to cast their votes. Yes, great to see.

Right now, after the morning rush the crowd has slowed down at the polling place. There is supposed to be a rainstorm coming soon so if that bothers you come in now before it starts. I, and all my fellow election judges across the city are waiting to serve you. Please vote!

Yep, Goldblats building had at least 5 bikes when I left last night.  And the longest line I've seen in 6 years waiting for early voting. 

I am the only cyclist I ever see at my polling place. One of the campaign people who is always outside near the school during elections recognized me this morning because of it!

Ha, I have the same experience at my polling place!

Just me.

One: me.

Just me.  I always get dirty looks from the precinct captains handing out palm cards, until I take my helmet off and they recognize me. 

not even myself, no place to lock up. Unfortunately the suburbs are extremely inconvenient for task oriented cycling ventures. I can commute and sport ride but my task oriented cycling is maybe 4-5 per year at the most.

Didn't know the UK had elections going on today. Their elections are always held on a Thursday.

As for me, I was the only one, but I voted at 6:30am

U.K. Village - We are the hottest hood in the country!

Hey, Duppie, nice to hear from you again. Glad you were able to make it in to vote!

thought it was ukie (like you-key) never heard it as UK. When I lived in the city in the early nineties it was a sketchy area.

My polling place is about 100 feet away.  I think I'll walk.


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