Start early!  Get a head start, maybe you'll stay ahead of everybody else.

Just keep the rubber side down and the wind at your back.

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all things in moderation!

687.04 outdoor miles ytd. 

295 indoors and 37 outdoors so far. Getting my momentum back (wait, you don't have [forward] momentum on stationary bike!).

1150 outdoor miles ytd

874.6 miles cycled in 2023 after 366.4 miles (346.0 outdoor / 20.4 indoor) for March.
88 days bicycled out of 90 in 2023.

A disappointing march into spring, with a modest 255 miles, which places me at 773 road miles on the year to date, now dropping behind Curt(is)2022 by a full double century (205.6 miles.) The Mind and the Body need to meet up. March highlights were two metric centuries, including my first since November. Forget the lamb, lean into the lion.

modesty is a virtue :-)

390 indoors, 70 outdoors. 

327.6 after Third Step Ride. been swamped, posting this late. extrapolation for 2023 down further, to 1375.4.

1297.2 miles cycled in 2023 after 422.6 miles (415.2 outdoor / 7.4 indoor) in April.
118 days bicycled out of 120 in 2023.

804.7 after April -- 100 miles of Barry-Roubaix on the 15th and 80 miles of gravel today (oh! the wind! and ah! the sleet!) made up a lot of my 100/week goal. 

But I'm not sure that's sustainable in the long term LOL. 

Less of a roar, more of a steady but unaggressive roll -- 454 miles on April for 1,227 road miles year-to-date. Now trailing Curt(is)2022 by 290 miles. 


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