Start early!  Get a head start, maybe you'll stay ahead of everybody else.

Just keep the rubber side down and the wind at your back.

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2168.8 after Xmas Eve Eve Twelfth Step Ride. rode the now-connected bridge! extrapolation :-) for 2023 down to 2218.9.

Another record year...  :)

8,097 miles cycled in 2023 (35 “indoor mi.” on trainer)
60% on road bike, 40% on mountain bike
~1020 mi. were for transportation/ errands/ groceries
18 vertical miles total of elevation gain
530 hours in the saddle
273 total rides

4160.2 miles cycled in 2023 after 235.8 miles (232.0 outdoor / 3.8 indoor) in December, up from 4089.8 miles in 2022.
351 days bicycled out of 365 in 2023. [2157 days out of 2191 since 01-01-2018 / 34 total days “off” in 6 years!] #data

Although it was the warmest December in Chicago in decades, due to the continuing state of my hernia and travel, I rode a mere 5 days for 156 miles. My year-end total is 6,102.8 miles, only 50.2 miles short of Curt(is)2022. I also performed only 2 Perimeter Rides, my lowest number ever since I began the Perimeter Ride Project back in 2015.

7301.96 outdoor miles for 2023 


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