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And where have you gone? 

(At least I got in ahead of bobweiser)

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1183 outdoor miles. Nice to see longer days and warmer temps.

February made me shiver, with every paper I delivered ...

Shorter month but more miles with 263.6 on the month, pushing the Y-T-D to 463.6 miles road/rode and 141.2 miles ahead of Curt(is)2021.

Slow clap for the excellent Don McLean reference!

381 in February, up to 868 on the year as of this morning (3/5).

357.8 (estimated, more computer glitches, ugh) after Third Step Ride. extrapolation for 2022 up to 2009.2.

rails-to-rails next to monon trail between fisher and ridge. :-(

Third Step?? I thought these rides happen every fourth Saturday of the Month?? Oh well. Nice day for it.

that's when i aim for, but i have other commitments later this month.

Gotcha. I must have missed the memo regarding March. Could not have joined you anyways -- developed a flare up Saturday of what might be GOUT?!

ugh how many plagues are going to be visited upon you?

Well, it hasn't been thoroughly diagnosed -- this was from a NP at a Minute Clinic. In any case, it hasn't held me back on the bike really -- other issues and lack of drive are more responsible for my drop in saddle time. Yesterday I forgot about 12-Step Ride until about 11am -- instead went out solo for my first Perimeter Ride since September 16th last year. The wind and 82 degrees out west made it an exhausting ride, although I DID break out my Colnago Dream (Litespeed is at Cycle Smithy getting a subtle face-lift.) The 7-month "sabbatical" was the longest stretch of inactivity on the Perimeter Ride Project since I started in earnest in 2015.   

ok now for a period of activity!

Passed a thousand miles on the year yesterday. I should be over 1100 (based on 100/week) but I took a week off after my herniated disc acted up. I can make up that hundred (I tell myself) over the year to come.



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