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And where have you gone? 

(At least I got in ahead of bobweiser)

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Yes, though it took me forever to grab them off my camera. (Also, I seem to have entirely lost the ability to hold a camera level :-D )

Joel Greenberg's book, A Natural History of the Chicago Region, is really good (and part of what sent me prowling toward Midewin).

Also: if prairies (or old-growth nature in general) gets you excited, one of Illinois' (very few!) areas of original old-growth prairies is under threat:

Also I've lost the ability to share a photo. Let's try this:

beautiful, thanks for sharing. this site maybe doesn't recognize .heic files.

With Janus behind us, a round number for 2022 (so far) -- 200 road miles.

234 after Second Step Ride. extrapolation for 2022 up to 1674.7.

winds 25-30 with gusts up to 45 "could blow around unsecured objects". does a bike rider count as an unsecured object?

was on the sidewalk outside the south shore cultural center stretching / resting. a lady called an ambulance for me!

Not following here exactly -- were you out on Sunday when the wind was so intense? I got a shortie in Sunday -- 24 miles -- from LFT from HP down to a dispensary in South Chicago and then up to the Shedd and back via surface streets. I was out early evening and was happy that the prevailing winds were more out of the west than the south. Did you get knocked over or just stretching / resting??

that was the day! wasn't knocked over, maybe my new wheels having fewer spokes helped? leaned my bike against a sign, sat down, set my helmet next to me, stretched out. actually another couple stopped, too. the woman: i think he's just resting. the man, already out of their car: my bad. :-)

397.5 outdoor miles ytd. 

317.0 miles cycled in 2022 after 127.0 miles (32.8 outdoor / 94.2 indoor) in February.
15 consecutive days cycled since 02/14/2022 - I traded biking for hiking for a weekend in February. Streak ended at 853 consecutive days cycled between 10/13/2019 and 02/11/2022.

Slow clap for 853 consecutive days ridden.

Thanks. While it was hard to see the streak end, I have to admit I wasn't feeling winter bicycle commuting as much this year as I have the last few years, so I left the bike (and the balaclava) in the garage and ventured out on the CTA much more than I have in the last two years (pandemic, natch). Agree with MagMileMarauder, though, nice to see these longer days and warmer temps; looking forward to letting my Ventra card collect a little wallet lint again.

Stay safe out there!

the streak is dead, long live the streak!


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