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(At least I got in ahead of bobweiser)

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650.5 after Fifth Step Ride. super beautiful and fragrant along the lake! extrapolation for 2022 up to 1771.9.

Mayed up the distance on Curt(is)2021 by laying down a rather modest 566 miles this past month -- along with 3 Perimeter Rides.  Year-to-date now at 2,083 miles and 4 PRs. Ahead of last year's pace by 294 miles.

2195.43 outdoor miles ytd

Nice—riding a bit over 100/week! (I aim for that, but consistently fall a bit shy...)

1313.0 miles cycled in 2022 415.6 miles (397.2 outdoor / 18.4 indoor) in May.
107 consecutive days cycled since 02/14/2022!

oops, forgot to post at EOM. 1684.4 on May 31.

(Now 1830.0) We'll see whether summer non-commuting means longer mileage for fun or less mileage because I don't have to get back and forth to work each day!

807.4 after Sixth Step Ride, with curt(is)2022! lake was super emerald. paused to watch a crane lower the mast onto a SailGP F50. extrapolation for 2022 down slightly, to 1743.8.

3053.78 outdoor miles ytd

1703.4 miles cycled in 2022 after 390.4 miles (384.8 outdoor / 5.6 indoor) in June.
137 consecutive days cycled since 02/14/2022!

Not exactly swooning, but laid down 780 miles in June to bring me to 2,863 miles y-t-d.  While indeed underwhelming, this season is still ahead of Curt(is)2021 by 354 miles. Get ready, Freddy.

2156.6 miles cycled in 2022 after 453.2 miles (453.2 outdoor / 0.0 indoor) in July.
168 consecutive days cycled since 02/14/2022!

3967.65 outdoor miles as of 7/31/22. 


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