Not far, just around the block.  Slippery where it wasn't shoveled well.

I just wanted to be first to start this discussion.

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357.10 february

727.53 YTD

all outdoors

420 hamster miles for Feb, 820 hamster miles y-t-d. No Perimeters. No time. Trailing Curt(is)2019 by 150 miles.

1558 outdoor miles

949 outdoor miles (& 909 indoor miles) as of 3/31. Only 6,551 more outdoor miles to go ;)

2041.2 miles cycled in 2020 after 702.8 miles (628.8 outdoor, 74.0 indoor) for March. First time over 700 miles in a single month ever for me; take that coronavirus...

171 consecutive days cycled in 2019-2020.

399.51 for march

599.53 the year

I wasn't too happy until I looked and saw I'm about 125 miles more than last year. Nice surprise.

353.25 march miles, 1,080.78 ytd.

i don't realize how many miles i get just from commuting, until my commute becomes the 20 feet through my apartment in the morning. i'm still about 180 miles over my 2019 numbers, but rode 14 fewer miles this march than i did last march.

i am going to have to start riding at lunch if i am going to be working from home. 

234.6 after Third Step Keep Your Distance Ride was cancelled. got out for a ride today, had my takeout lunch all picked out, unfortunately Lem's is closed on tuesdays. :-/ extrapolation for 2020 plummeted like stock market, to 941.

2271 outdoor miles

Bike the Streets! The State of Illinois still says: Yes, go outdoors for fresh air and exercise. The LFP and the 606 are nice, but regular streets are a treat now with so many cars staying at home.

Yes. I was out on that "spring fever" day last Wednesday with a metric century from Hyde Park to southern border of Hegewisch, north to Evanston, and back to HP. Except for about a 3 mile stretch from HP to South Shore Cultural Center, I stayed OFF the LFT. Did a ride from HP to Evanston round-trip yesterday, and the streets were even more desolate than last week. I made it back from Evanston in ONE hour!

Marching into April, with metastatic cancer (my wife) and now a pandemic stay-in-place order in effect (gym closed), it's a wonder I get any miles at all. However, my wife is making progress and with my children having graduated early and are now at home, I am hoping to grab some serious road miles. 

1,040 hamster miles on the year + 107 road miles, for 1,147 miles y-t-d. Trailing Curt(is)2019 by a whopping 538 miles currently. NO Perimeter Rides yet in 2020, although I am eyeing one either Thursday or Friday or both.


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