Not far, just around the block.  Slippery where it wasn't shoveled well.

I just wanted to be first to start this discussion.

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I got out today(Jan. 2nd) for 33 miles. I'll be back at the end of the month to see if it adds up to anything.

you were first! pleased to pass the baton to another bob. :-) 

just got back in town. brr! haven't been out yet at all. have to remember to get a fresh battery for my computer.

115 miles outdoors, mostly short trips. 

finally got out, for a whopping 9.3 miles! extrapolation for 2020: a whopping 242.5. :-)

87.8 after the 15th Annual January Three Floyds Brewpub (and First Step, and Chine.... stayed upright on 1.9 miles of unplowed unsalted heavily footstepped Thorn Creek Trail! extrapolation for 2020: 1281.9.

668.0 miles cycled (394.0 outdoor / 274.0 indoor) for January.

111 consecutive days cycled in 2019-2020.

Well, I sure didn't do much riding so far this year, twice out for 63.06 miles. And only a few hours on the trainer. I need to do better come Feb.

I did get a lot of heavy lifting done around the house tho.

400 hamster miles for Janus, trailing Curt(is)2019 by 130.

370.43 January miles, all outdoors; a much nicer January 2020 than 2019!

259 miles in January after riding 300+ in both November and December. All was outdoors.  I lost a week of commuting because of a flu bug.  

Strava tells me 394 miles in January.

896 miles. All outdoors


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