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14.39 after the Unofficial CCC New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. extrapolation for 2019: 5252.4.  :-)

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7,199 outdoor miles and 430 indoor miles. Only a few weeks left of outdoor riding for me....

300 miles for Nov.

6385.62 for the year

It's getting harder to get any meaningful miles in. And I've grudgingly started riding the trainer. Don't track miles on it but note times, which are low at this point.

.62 that's pretty specific.  What tracker/app do you use?  I just use the Apple Watch/App.

I use a Garmin 520 downloaded to Garmin connect.

My actual Nov. monthly mileage was 299.95, but I fudged that one.

NO road miles for November as a family health crisis has re-ordered my priorities. Still managed 395 hamster miles for a total of 8,212 miles y-t-d. Ahead of Curt(is)2018 by 556.1 miles.

Sorry to hear that Curtis. I hope the family health crisis has passed and everyone is healthy heading into December. Take care! 

Thanks, Yas. I do appreciate that. However, it's metastatic (Stage 4) breast cancer, her third occurrence. Treatment is currently in the earliest of stages, still just meeting with oncologist, radiologist, etc. The feelings of helplessness and despair are dominating. And so I ride.

I’m Saying prayers for your family Curtis

Thank you, Sean.

how is it going?

may you both ride on.

It's dark.

i can imagine. is there anything i can do?



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