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a big fat zero. at this rate, that will be my total for this year, too!

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31.4 miles for this first work week of bonafide winter bike commuting.

Week 1: 50.7 miles. Biking every day this year. 

65 miles for the first week of 2018 in the deep freeze.

My first ride above freezing temps this morning was interrupted by a flat.

fixing flats in the cold is the worst. i remember once i couldn't do it with my gloves on so i took them off and then after a minute i could barely move my fingers.

Fixing flats in freezing and sub-freezing temps is the primary reason I transition to my mountain bike -- willing to sacrifice speed (already slowed by lower temps as discussed at length in a thread here last year) for less flats. Well, that and I am more willing to subject my old messenger steed to the insults of winter's salty ice soup.

6 miles one day last week. at this rate, i should hit 274 for the year!

3 miles for the year, and 2 trips(1 that was 2 miles(and I broke that trip up with a brief running inside an ATM to warm up), and another short trip that was 1 mile)? Sigh, I wish I wasn't so much of a wuss for biking in this weather. I keep trying to see what might work, as far as layering up and not feeling like I'm going to die of coldness by the time I arrive at my destination. Maybe someday, I'll finally find some warm clothes solution that works for temps in the teens and especially below....

About 20 miles to the el or to the gym.

About 12 miles. last weekend I finally rode to an errand on Saturday and another on Sunday wearing goggles.  The cold has not deterred me as much as icy streets.

Not far enough to mention.

YTD: 267 miles - that is without many trainer miles :D

125.5 after the 13th Annual January Three Floyds Brewpub Ride. at this rate, i'll get to 1696.6 for the year, at least that would be 4 digits.


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