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18.6 after the Unofficial New Year's Day "Weather Be Damned" Ride. 39 °F and i needed my sunglasses!

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8850 miles. I should be closing in on 10000 come end of August.

Yesterday I passed 60,000 miles since I started keeping track in 2005.

Up to 3320 for the year.

Just passed 3000. My goal for the year is 5000. A significant jump from last year's tally of 1150!

For August I have added 1,189.6 miles and 9 Perimeters for 7,193.3 miles and 53 Perimeters y-t-d. I am now a mere 187.7 miles behind last year's pace while still 14 Perimeters ahead.

curt(is) closes the gap! you can guess what comes next.

Jeremy, how's your recovery going?

1917.2 for me after the north shore century. which i somehow managed to finish with an average of 17.5 despite an Egg McMuffin® at the 2nd rest stop, a burger at the 3rd, a hot dog at the 4th, and pizza at the 5th.

17.5 is a fine avg for a century ride. How many pounds did you gain?

Closing in on 1,900.

Not far enough. *sigh* It's just been one of those years.

4200 so far. Hoping for 5400 for the year

lol, limited myself to 1 each and lost a few!

2038.2 after the Ninth Step Double-Oktoberfest Almost-Century. reset my computer during it by mistake, don't know if i made it to 100 or not, oh well.

Hoped to join the Double-Oktoberfest ride, but my son announced Thursday that his soccer team had a play-off game at Gage Park at noon Saturday so I had to bail. It was a beautiful day to be outside.


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