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18.3 after the Weather Be Damned Ride. 26F + 17 mph = 13 windchill, brr!

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With showers and thunderstorms called for tomorrow, I complete the first quarter of 2016 with 2,227.9 miles -- 1,106 miles ahead of my 2015 pace and only 272 miles off this year's target pace. With my vintage mid-80s Litespeed returning to the fleet (after wintering for repairs at Johnny Sprockets) to compliment my recently acquired vintage late 80's aluminum Quattro Assi, I feel I am in a strong position to nail 10,000+ this year.

bikes is great, but what about your legs? are they titanium (or aluminum), too?

This reminds me of a debate I overheard many years ago at a local bike shop regarding the relative merits of various bikes. A "wise man" solemnly declared "bike of rice, legs of steel." Imagine this wisdom expressed with the voice of Pat Morita or Frank Oz.

3,058.4 miles at the end of April and still 272 miles off this year's target pace.

That's awesome. And inspiring. I need to step up my miles! 

you're amazing! where do you get in all those miles?

A lot of LFT (a common loop is down to Wolf Lake, then north to Evanston, then back to Hyde Park.) Another favored route is my Chicago Perimeter Ride (which is usually just short of a century.)

877.2 after the F-12 May Alternative ride

 Almost 1200 miles so far...

I refused to allow today's t-storm and showers to stop me -- with 8 completed Perimeter Rides in the month of May (and two other failed Perimeter attempts due to weather and mech failure), I have now logged 4148.4 miles y-t-d, and I am finally on pace to hit my annual goal.

That's really impressive! 

I don't know if you've shared it already, but would you be willing to disclose your route for the perimeter ride?


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