18.3 after the Weather Be Damned Ride. 26F + 17 mph = 13 windchill, brr!

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First 15 on a trainer. Not ideal but if I want to do more than 5k this year, I'll need to do a fair amount of trainer miles. :-)

23 miles on New Year's Day.  i like to start the year off right by going for a ride.  met a buddy in LP for a burger and a beer (then a slow ride back to evanston).  

my winter cycling gear...

21 today, a beautiful, sunny ride. Even with the windchill. Carpe diem!

0 miles.

I did ride the motorcycle 40 miles for a Polar Bear Ride on New Years Day, though.

Managed 10 today. We will see if I can get back up to 7k this year.

30 today.

I'm planning on 7,400+ commuting miles for 2016.

Seizing the thaw, I rode my first century of the new year today.  My goal for 2016 is 10k.

Seems like a number of people in the 2015 mileage thread were shooting for 10K although they never reported in with final numbers.  I'm thinking that the goal might be feasible with some big riding in January in February.  Maybe. 

crazy! but i guess 10k = 2 centuries per week!

Or 4 half centuries/wk. Or 6x34/wk.  It's "possible."  After 3 weeks, I'm "only" 350 miles behind the pace! However, I have already surpassed January 2015's total with 7 days to ride. Not only will I need to grab more miles in Jan/Feb this year vs. last, but I will also need to avoid injuries, medical procedures, and increase the total number of days I ride. Looking through my journal I count 161 days ridden in 2015, peaking in March-April-May with 21-20-20. There's clearly room for growth.  

the way i reset my computer at the beginning of a ride is to press and hold it down. and to detach it, press and hold it down and push it forward. as i was leaving for the 11th Annual January Three Floyds Brewpub Ride, crossing a street and trying to reset it at the same time, i must have pushed it forward by mistake, and it came off into the street. a moment later, an suv drove down that street. my little computer in the middle of a big street, what are the chances it was going to be run over? i don't know, but it was.  :-(

so this is an estimate, but including 49.8 (according to google) for the day, i'm saying 80.3.

2870 for 2015, 152 so far for 2016.  I expect to top last year's record this year.


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