zero so far, but hoping to get out tomorrow before the ice pellets and single-digit temperatures hit

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3324.1 after (part of) the OPCC Holiday Brewery/Pub Ride. maybe i can make it to 3400? 3500 seems out of reach.

3530-something after the Twelfth Step Finale! probably about it for the year.

damn, you beat me by 23 miles. lol

nice job. what % of these miles were beer fueled? :)

4050 so far. It would be nice to make it up to 4200. We will see.

5218 at Nov 30, trying for 5500 on the year. Bike commuted 50% of all 2015 workdays.

3297 miles and stilll counting.  woo-hoo!

Not so much a mileage total, but I managed to hit 312 total outdoor rides for 2015 today.  That's a nice Chicago appropriate number if you ask me ;-). 

Closing the year out at 4,022 after tonight's commute.

Very nice!!

Eerily, 5600 miles exactly. And 56 years old.

Sweet! :-) great age tie-in. It'd be a good motivator to add 1k a year. Maybe (that's a lot!).


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