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zero so far, but hoping to get out tomorrow before the ice pellets and single-digit temperatures hit

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26.5 crisp, moonlit New Year miles this evening along the LFT (a 95th Street to Buckingham Fountain loop.)  I encountered three cyclists, three pedestrians, and one runner the entire ride. Quietude.

35 on the Honda yesterday, but that really doesn't count.

9 miles into work this morning.  A nice, clear morning ride.  Beautiful sun rise, sorry I don't have Gene's photography skills to capture it.

Not sure how far I'll ride but I'm going to get one heck of a workout doing it!!!
Going out on my newest bike for my 4th ride ;) 

managed to do 13 miles.  This bikes weighs in at 50 lbs. So 13 is not bad. 
averaged 11 mph so an improvement. This bike is not meant for speed. What it is meant for is building endurance! every mile I do on this bike is easily twice as hard as my road bike! So to get better at my road biking I'm using Blue to build endurance!

53.6 for lunch at 3f. enjoying being in the lead, i know it's not going to last!

~20 miles today.

A little nippy at 6am. Nicer at 5pm. Slick on the LFP.

164.2 after the 10th Annual Three Floyds Brewpub Ride. Super old knobbies giving me problems. But they're prefect for this snow we're getting now.

361.5 for the month after the ride back from 3f. Good ride as always.
290 for January. Shoulda been well over 400. I can only blame myself for not grabbing more miles on those many days in which opportunity availed itself. With this first week of February's forecast, it's not gonna be easy to double down.

270 for January...Just like Curt, I feel like I should have more.

601 miles for January. I took advantage of every "nice" day.


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