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37.4, does that put me in the lead? :-)

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After riding through the entirety of last winter, I say "bring it on."   How bad could it possibly get after that? ;-).

Skip Montanaro 12mi said:

Ssshh... Be careful what you say or you'll wake the weather demons.

SkokieSurly said:

So far December has been good.  Looking forward to a more manageable winter. 

3513, but the year isn't over.

Looking to make 3800 for the year. 95% of it commuting miles. I'm really happy with my first year of commuting in Chicago. Look forward to many more.

Okay, Bob. This thread has been gnawing at me.

I broke down and did 20+ today for my commute. 95% on LFP.

Work schedule is locked in for the rest of the year. I'll end up at 4,525 for the year, +/- a couple.

Estimated 2,400 miles starting April 7th after not being on a bike for 20yrs

-13 miles each way everyday I'm in the office and not in an airplane somewhere (about 50% time)

i remember that kid! no, there's no defense against cars (or even kids). were you hurt when you were taken down? i've decided that if you ride a lot in the city, it's not a matter of whether but when that's going to happen. being in shape means bouncing back quicker. i'm glad you're back in the saddle. the LFP is a nice compromise.

2241.6 for me after the Twelfth Step Finale. looking forward to 2015!

SixtyTwoPercent said:

You and I rode to Three Floyds a year or two back. I was with you when that kid darted in front of you and took you (almost us) down. So, you know my riding skills.

What I have come to witness on Elston, Milwaukee, Des nothing short of criminally aggressive driving behavior. I sat at the corner of Milwaukee and Elston while a driver of a car attempted, yes attempted, to run down a guy in the bike lane. I rolled off my bike and immediately dialed 911. No cops after 20+ minutes of waiting and the driver looked like they wanted to come back for more (i.e. I needed to move away from the area soon.) I have seen near rundowns at Damen and Diversey (for the sake of just getting through a light). There is zero defense against a car right now.

So, call me old call me conservative. But, I have no desire to get that treatment. Long post, but it is no longer worth it. My tradeoff was being in shape versus getting clipped. I chose being in shape for several years (and yes, I was once clipped by a car and taken down. Still, I rode on for several more years.)

I set no goals on the bike, but was determined not to drive unless necessary. I put 1500 miles on the car which was all out of town. It takes about 75 miles to remember how the speed control works. I needed to jump start the car on Christmas Eve because I had forgotten to drive it for 6 weeks. I guess I put a few miles on the bike.

I counted up my mileage last night, and I rode 1289 miles this year, down about 150 miles from the previous year.  I'm not surprised this is lower considering the frigid temps last winter.  I'm hoping to break 1500 in 2015.

3300 miles (which is a low-ball figure with some unaccounted miles before I started logging in earnest starting on Labor Day.)  My modest goal is 5,200 in 2015.

I bought a new sports car and drove that a lot! Top down with the stereo blasting is so much fun! Rode the bike on rainy days only ;-) In any case no mater how much I ride I still end up back at home! So, I guess zero miles.

What about frequent flyer miles?

Andy Moss 9.5 said:

Just under 3,000.  

I put 5,000 miles on my car in 2014.  


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