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37.4, does that put me in the lead? :-)

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I'm just over 2,200 so far for the year, even with commuting on average once or twice a week in January and February.  Last year was 2,170 so that's exciting.  

Damn, some impressive numbers being posted. I'm at 3,850. Doesn't look like I'll hit my average of 5,000 this year - too much work travel.

Just ahead of you, Tandemonium, at 3920 plus a few. I've been warring with the desire to hit 5000 for a couple months...
Damnit Tim, can't you let me have anything? :)
Sixty four days left to catch me... ;)

I'm just a bit lower than Tandemonium at roughly 3,650...only because he did a metric century, a camping trip and another long distance ride.

I think you only did those to outpace me in mileage......

Man I feel like a sap, only around 1500 miles or so.  But I have totally not had the chances to ride as much as I'd like on the weekends.

4138 through October. Favorable weather in Nov and Dec might allow a 5000-mile year.

About a twentieth of last years' mileage. It is just too dangerous out there.

2055.9 after the Eleventh Step Ride. was hoping to make it to 2k, made it with a month to spare!

Peter remains in the lead...

Last night's MM ride put me over 3000 miles, I am hopeful for a much better year next year



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