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Embarrassed to admit I've never done 606. That's because I've driven by car past the eastern exit and it looks like a bad spot for a bike - Ashland and Van Cortland with Elston further east. If I want to leave the eastern end of 606 to go further east then north, east of Ashland, how do you do it? (safely) 

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You don’t. It’s closed. Lightfoot is looking for you.

Go north to Cortland and take Cortland east.

You have to take Cortland across Ashland.  That is one shitty intersection.  But once across that, Cortland is OK.

The east terminus of the 606 dumps you onto N. Marshfield Ave. Cortland has recently been improved from Marshfield east to Elston. It's repaved with repainted green bike lanes. Unfortunately, after a heavy rain, Cortland eastbound bike lane still gets completely flooded and you have to get into the roadway to get around it. Nevertheless, it's now smoothly paved until you get across Elston. 



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