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Here's to the Diminutive Girl standing up to jerks

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It was Gillian.

Love gillian!!!



You are my new hero.

Well done

I hope that somehow the stranger reads it. 

What Gillian really strikes on is that not only did he abuse her verbally and show total indifference towards her, but that this character did this in front of his toddler. I can't imagine the darkness in this man's soul to not only do this, but to subject his wife and child to his tirade. Very sad and disheartening.

Way to stand up for yourself, Gillian. Ride Safe.

Very nice. Good job.

Well said, Gillian. How sad that this jerk chose not only to be an entitled ass, but that he set that kind of example in front of his kid. I hope that his kid grows up to be a better person than that.

I, too, consider it "entitlement" to ask non-cycling people not to be in the lane that is made for cycling people. is my constant reference for how to try my very best not to hate everyone.


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