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Help me find the victim of a hit and run!! (Division and North Branch, 11/8, 8:50AM)

I'm trying to find the victim of a hit and run I witnessed this morning on Division, east bound at North Branch, at about 8:50AM.

A champaign colored Buick or some such sedan was literally stalking two cyclists heading east on Division through the Elston intersection and over the bridge. One cyclist crossed over to the left on the other side of my vehicle, but one stuck to the right, only to have the vehicle ram him off his bicycle and then tear off.

I got the license plate: Q627218

I called the police, and then I circled back to find the cyclist and, when I turned off to park my car, he hopped on his bike and rode off. By the time I got back in the car and waited for the light, he was gone.

Orange/Rust colored MTB, I think the cyclist wore glasses; he was wearing all black with a black backpack and black helmet.

DO YOU KNOW HIM? ARE YOU HIM? Please help me connect with him!

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bump. So great of you to be concerned and post here, Donella!

Thank you, I keep my eyes peeled every morning on my commute, hoping I'll spot the cyclist... to no avail. I appreciate the bump!



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