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Has anyone had success getting the city to remove an abandoned bike?

...because I sure haven't.

There has been a very neglected, obviously abandoned, bike locked to a bicycle rack outside of my workplace for what seems like an eternity (it's been there at least since November '10). I have been calling the city relentlessly since February requesting that it be removed. The last 2 times I've called I was told the request would be marked "urgent" and that they would "get to it as soon as possible." Still nothing. I know the city likes to takes its sweet ol' time with things like this, but c'mon...5 months and counting?

With the summer bicyclists now emerging, parking spots are becoming more and more scarce. I want all the available bike racks I can get! Yes, I also requested (last year) another bike rack to be installed. You can probably guess the outcome of that as well.

What else can I do to free up this spot? I'm not interested in the DIY angle grinder method. Does anyone have any kind of hookup with the city to make this happen?

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Yeah!  Great news.

Laura Blake said:

VICTORY!!!!!  After just 7 short months, I finally have an open bike rack at work!  I'm still curious as to who removed the u-lock....anyone? anyone? 


Saw my first tag last night by my place in Buena Park. The bike has had the rear wheel gone for a month or so.
Where do all of the bikes go? Do they get auctioned off?
They end up getting donated to working bikes cooperative.

nm. misread the replies. 

Back in October I reported an abandoned bike at Central Park and Foster:  I did report it to 311 and also made an on-line report.

It's still there, locked with a U-Lock.  No missing wheels or parts.  Feel free to come and take the whole thing, not just parts, if you're interested.

When you call 311 you can ask for a Service Request Tracking Number, SR#- and then call back later and ask for a status report with that number. If you do ask for, and get this number it's less likely to be ignored.

James BlackHeron said:

It's too bad that the city doesn't accept abandoned bike reports via their web site.  This is something that needs to be rectified if the city is really serious about bicycling.  It's just too easy to blow off a 311 call -no paper trail if they don't want to bother with it.


I submitted the form. We have had the same four bikes taking up the rack in front of our store front. Many of our customers ride and have to lock up to sign posts etc.. The cyclist part of me just wants these bikes shown some love. 

You could post it to the Bicycle Theft in Chicago facebook group  ;)



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