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In light of several recent attacks on cyclists, I no longer blithely ride just anywhere like I used to. With that in mind, I was wondering if Halsted all the way to 110th Street is a relatively OK place for a lone woman to ride during the middle of the day. I've only ever been as far as 55th, and I thought those neighborhoods seemed fine. Any thoughts? Thanks much!

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Your destination seems to be 110th Street and . . . where? Please advise.
110th and Halsted. But I found a ride.
I have taken the Red Line to 95, and biked to Longwood.
It's still not that good until you hit the neighborhood area.
I'd agree with Howard about Halsted south of 51st or so. I'd definitely recommend riding it with company.

For future reference, if anyone wants to get to far south destinations on Halsted, I can make a couple of suggestions.

1. Red line to 95th. South on Lafayette (frontage road along I-57 - does not go through to Halsted). West on 97th. South on Parnell. West on 103rd. South on Halsted.

** This section of Halsted is extremely wide, with a median strip and moderate to heavy traffic. From 103rd to 95th, traffic is heavier and faster due to the I-57 interchange. If you have other workable north-south options, such as Parnell or Wentworth, I do not recommend riding Halsted between 95th and 103rd. **

2. Metra Rock Island to 107th St. East on 107th. Continue to Halsted if destination is nearby, otherwise go south on Major Taylor Trail (now mostly free of broken glass) to the appropriate cross street. Note: At 107th, 111th, and 115th, Halsted is EAST of the trail. At 119th, the trail crosses Halsted. At 123rd and 127th, Halsted is WEST of the trail.

Nice treat: West Pullman Park, about 2 blocks east of trail on 123rd. It's a beautiful park. On a hot summer day, the kiddie spray pool is divine.


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