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Has anyone noticed the Green Wave signs on Wells?  I have yet to "catch the wave", although I'm not riding with a computer.  Am I that bad at gauging 12 mph, or is it possible CDOT didn't actually time the lights?

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It's broken. It lasted about a week or two before the timing of the lights was off. 

Yes, it was nice but now it seems one can get the "wave" from Huron to Ohio before getting a red light, and then from Ohio to Kinzie.  It is still better than the other southbound streets.

Weird. John Greenfield's article here: says it's been in place since June, but I've been down that stretch a few times this Summer and haven't noticed any improvement. I'll try it again tonight and see if it works.

Reviving this thread because it seems that the Green Wave on Wells is broken again. Does anyone know who is responsible for keeping the timing of the lights in sync?

It was never fixed. Kind of embarrassing for the city since the signs for the green wave are still there. I imagine CDOT is responsible. 


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