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Grand Bois Extra Leger are great tires, but I've suffered to many flats.  Anbody ride the Rivendell Jack Browns? Is the green suitable for midwest and urban riding? Or is there a suggedtion for a 32mm tire of comprable like ride, but a bit more tolerant of our roadside debris. 

I'm not looking for commuter tires but instead fast touring ride tires, etc.

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I have had great luck with Continental Gatorskins.  They come in a 32mm and they are very puncture resistant while being a very fast tire.  Schwalbe Marathon Supremes are also very fast (much different tire from the regular marathon or plus but less puncture resistant.  They have great grip too.

Thanks Dave! 

Voyager Hyper and non-TG Pasellas are both fast and cheap.

Thanks Kevin!

Anybody have experience with Schwalbe Kojak?

My initial impressions of the Kojak have been favorable after swapping out a pair of Stelvios. They seem to have no more rolling resistance although Im running them at considerably lower pressure, they handle well and no punctures after 500 miles.  Mine are in 20"/406 so YMMV.

As someone who rides both Grand Bois tires-the regular ones, not the Extra Leger- and the Marathon Supremes, I can say that these are not similar tires. Both have their strengths, but if you want a tire similar to a GB, the Supreme will be a dissapointment: a harsher ride, much heavier, but also much more puncture proof.

The Supremes are great commuter tires, the GB is a better long distance tire.

I bought a set of marathon racers for my commuter last year. They are sturdy tires, but not very comfortable... nor would I say are they race'y :) 

Ditto:  Supremes are very good for commuting in the city but are truck tires in comparison to GB Extra Leger and their ilk.  They are 15,000 mile tires, not "club ride" tires (depending on your club :-) ).

I have Jack Brown Greens one one bike and, while I have not yet put a lot of mileage on the bike, they seem to be acceptable from a puncture standpoint - I suspect about the same as the Hetres that I put a lot of mileage on. GB Cypres, which I have on another bike, are also very nice to ride, and while they are bound to be more flat-prone than something like a Pasela TG, they should be less so than the GB Extra Legers. If you want a decently fast/supple tire that is also a bit more flat-resistant than average, I'd probably try a non-TG Pasela first. They're cheap, too.

Hi folks,

Thank you for all your feedback! I truly do appreciate it. I decided to give the Schwalbe Kojac a shot. And today was their first shakedown ride. I wasn't wearing any lycra (but instead a flannel shirt and hiking pants ) and I'm not anywhere near bike shape yet.

With a new tire purchase I was seeking comfort and speed. I was also hoping for a little extra flat protection. I was confident that nothing would compare to the GB EL in the comfort and speed categories but knew most any tire would fare better in flat protection.

The tires advertise 35mm but after initial mounting they were about 29.5mm (front at 65psi and rear at 80psi). They did however expand to 30mm a few days later and before riding. I measured them again today and they are sitting at 31mm. They are expected to expand to 33.333mm after some use.

Various reviews of the Kojac refer to how 'quiet' the tire is and I suppose if that is a feature you're after then these meet that mark. It was not something I was seeking in a tire but it definitely was noticeable and I must admit a pleasant surprise.

After the first few miles the tires felt as if they were settling in a bit. Unlike the GB tires the sidewalls are much more stiff yet the tires were able to absorb quite nicely initial bumps. However on longer stretches of road where there were bumps and jagged surfaces, the tires felt a little rougher than the GB's. All in all though, they did an adequate job. 

The Kojacs road very nicely on smoother sections of road. As mentioned, the tires were very quite and didn't feel too lethargic. Given today's weather (strong N/NE winds and big temperature  swings) I expect other opportunities to really spin them. On my way back home with strong winds at my back, I was able to get some decent speeds and easily road with a pack of racers down Green Bay Road. Yet from 0-15mph they don't feel as quick as the GB's. Not an issue for me, but sometimes when you ride in a group, other riders like to get up to speed in the first 25 yards :) 

I think the tires will find their form in the next couple hundred miles. My hope is that I get that extra 2mm-3mm and the sidewalls soften a tad bit.

And one thing I failed to flat tires today :) 

Again thanks for all your feedback. It's much appreciated.



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