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I kinda blew the stop sign.  The girl behind me did as well. He stopped us both, and gave us a warning.  I stop there 90% time, today's flow was just so that I didn't, probably because there was no crossing guard today. Not sure if this is a new thing with cops this week, but watch yourself at that particular intersection, he's staking it out.

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Better yet, just follow the usual traffic-priority rules all the time! :) I live nearby and go through this intersection nearly any time I leave the house. I don't do a foot-down stop unless I have to (e.g. someone is crossing on foot and my wait exceeds my pseudo-trackstanding ability) but I always, always nearly stop and follow correct traffic priority. Traffic is heaviest when I am going to work in the morning. I imagine it could be a little annoying in a car, since it's the only stop sign for miles in either direction on Milwaukee, but it's there for a reason, and that reason is the senior center on the corner. Add kids on school mornings. I often see car drivers driving unsafely near and through this intersection, and often dream of them getting immediately pulled over (and one morning, my wish was granted when someone bombed down the curb lane, did a slow roll through the stop alongside another car, and was instantly pulled over by a CPD cruiser that happened to be there.)

Yes, it is one of those stop signs that you always need to stop due to all the kids crossing, and cars trying to turn onto Milwaukee. I am embarrassed, I like to think I lead by example on a daily basis.  The ONE day I don't slow down!  That'll teach me.


David P. said:

Better yet, just follow the usual traffic-priority rules all the time! :)



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