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Got fired today but was able to rescue this baby Oriol on my commute back home.

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Have you contacted a rescue organization?

wow. what a great deed you did making lemons out of lemonade !


Diego Rael- 16.0mi said:

Yeah, I have the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors programmed on my phone as I did the same for a Red Breasted Merganser this winter.
Anne Alt said:

Have you contacted a rescue organization?

What a good thing you did.  I believe in Karma.  You will be rewarded for your act of kindness.  Wait and see.

I'm with Stephanie.  May your good karma be rewarded!

he looks like my dad

I volunteered with Chicago Bird Collision Monitors for a while. Very cool group! They take the birds out to Willowbrook wildlife hospital, run by the DuPage County Forest Preserve.

I think the bird looks like a mad professor lol

Very cool of you to take the time to rescue a bird. I have used the Bird Collision folks as well. They are great when a volunteer is available for pick-up. If you have an animal overnight and can drop off yourself on Northerly Island, Flint Creek Wildlife is another option: Good people. 

P.S. Sorry about your job.


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