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I just found out about this and want to go both days, leaving sat morning. If you are going and have an extra seat that would be fantastic. Otherwise, I would split a rental car and room (if needed), and drive.

Let me know, Madison is a great place if you have never been.


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I thought about it, but I've got too many other things that need doing.  Doug Fattic is going to be building a frame, brazing a joint every hour.  If they had organized a swap meet along with it, I probably wouldn't be able to resist.

I took Doug's class so it will be good to see him again. There will also be a few chicago builders there.

If you like small town bars with atmosphere, check out Puempel's in New Glarus, and Baumgartner's Cheese Store in Monroe.  Great old wall murals in both, Baumgartner's features a war between beer and wine.  Puempel's features local products from New Glarus Brewery, and you can get a Limburger sandwich with the World's Second Best Chili at Baumgartner's.   Also great riding in that area.


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