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FS:Weinmann DP18 silver front wheel, Velo-Orange randonneur front rack - spring cleaning - will add more stuff as we go.

Weinmann DP18 "Deep V" 700C front wheel - $30 - used but has plenty of life left, spins reasonably true, Formula high-flange sealed bearing hub feels fine. Silver deep section rim, machined sidewalls that have some brake wear, could clean up nicely if you are so inclined (I am not). 36 spokes. Vittoria rim tape. Presta valve compatible. Nutted axle, but nuts are not included. Nuts! I'm two blocks from Smart Bike Parts, grab this wheel then swing over there and get set - that's why I knocked $5 off the price I was going to ask.

Velo Orange randonneur front rack - $50 - never used, shiny and new. Mounts to brake bolt and most of the time to p-clamps on your front fork - won't match up with low-rider braze-ons for the most part. If you are nice and I'm not feeling too lazy I bet I have some p-clamps lying around too.

Wrights W3N (on the right) - $20 - Sale Pending - this saddle doesn't seem to have been used much, but is pretty dried out and will need to be resuscitated by a patient person with plenty of leather saddle goop. I am not that patient and have many saddles much like this, so let's get it to someone who needs it. About the size of a Brooks B17 Narrow - a good touring saddle if you like to keep your bars a little lower than the saddle.

Selle An-Atomica Titanico (on the left)- Gone!

Prices are mostly open to reasonable offers, but "reasonable" is the operative word. 

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Ortlieb Office Bag is tentatively spoken for right now...will probably post more crap later this weekend too.


I'm interested in your front and rear rack. Do you have all of the mounting hardware?

I am also interested in the racks but with the same question as Megan K

Ortlieb Pannier is gone, racks and Carradice panniers remain. I have what's pictured plus the necessary allen bolts to attach to braze-ons - not sure what other hardware is necessary as long as you have the appropriate braze-ons - if you need I can probably scare up some washers/p-clamps etc that you might need. 

Alex, I definitely want the racks.  Can collect as soon as you want.  Will also defer it to your gentlemanly manners in regards to being second on the wait list behind MeganK.

If you have the allen bolts then I think we're good to go. Feel free to send me a message to find a time for me to pick them up.

Wow, amazing prices on those racks!!

The Cosmo is a great rack. I've got one on my DD and was tempted to pick up this one to put on another bike, but I don't really need it. Light, strong, well-designed and it puts pannier loads a few inches lower than usual, too.

Steve, the racks did sell to MeganK today - thank you for your gentlemanly manners, I have precious few of my own. I do have a few other, not as nice racks that I am willing to part with so send me a message if you're interested - or I may post them later.

Someone out there needs a nice set of small panniers, handmade in England, never been used...

Selle Anatomica pretty please! Can pick up tomorrow or whenevs. 

Sorry Ash, Selle is gone. Might have a similarly sized Brooks if you're interested...
Interested in one of the leather saddles.



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